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Freeman Teams up With Center for BrainHealth to Help Improve Employee Well-Being, Address Covid Stressors

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Lisa Plummer Savas

With so many people across the world facing a plethora of mental and emotional challenges, we’ve come to understand in no uncertain terms how stress can negatively impact our performance, both personally and professionally. After recognizing the deleterious effects that pandemic-related stressors were having on its workforce, Freeman enlisted the help of the Center for BrainHealth, a leading brain research center at The University of Texas at Dallas, to help improve employee wellbeing, health and performance via an innovative company-wide initiative. Launched in March, the BrainHealthy Workplace™ program is a complimentary, voluntary and completely confidential 20-week program designed to assess and strengthen brain fitness in four key areas: cognition, wellbeing, social interaction and daily function. Available to all Freeman employees, it features a personal BrainHealth Index metric, coaching to set individual goals, group coaching to promote workplace innovation and online training modules teaching science-based strategies to boost brain capacity and mental efficiency at work and at home. Featuring game-like elements and coaching to help people practice brain-healthy habits to improve their ability to reason, problem-solve, innovate and adapt, participants, can access the content from anywhere through an online, password-protected BrainHealth dashboard. “The events industry was one of the hardest hit during COVID-19, putting our people under lots of additional stress,” explained Bob Priest-Heck, CEO of Freeman. “As we look to invest in our people and their wellbeing, the Center for BrainHealth’s expertise and approach will help our team to not just become more resilient but to also improve their focus and innovation.” Read full article

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HKS Partners With Center for BrainHealth to Help Employees Thrive

HKS is partnering with The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth on a study to improve the way the firm’s employees work, collaborate and innovate, both individually and as an organization.

Center for BrainHealth and Freeman Help Employees Address COVID-19 Stresses, Build Resilience and Reset

To help employees address COVID-19 stresses, BrainHealth has partnered with Freeman, global leader in events, to create a first-of-its-kind corporate program aimed at building individual and team strength. It offers strategies to enhance mental agility, resilience and focus, and unlock innovation to help teammates at work and at home.