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Freeman Teams up With Center for BrainHealth to Help Improve Employee Well-Being, Address Covid Stressors

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Lisa Plummer Savas


Freeman, a leading events company, has launched a 20-week BrainHealthy Workplace program to assess and strengthen employee brain fitness in four key areas: cognition, well-being, social interaction, and daily function. The program, launched in partnership with the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas, includes personal BrainHealth Index metrics, coaching, group coaching, and online training modules. It aims to promote brain-healthy habits to improve employees' ability to reason, problem-solve, innovate, and adapt, and enhance their overall health and resilience. The program is free, confidential, and open to all the employees, with a game-like interface and coaching available through an online, password-protected dashboard. The initiative is part of the Center's BrainHealth Project, a 10-year study focused on improving brain performance and resilience across their lifespans.Read the full article here.

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