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Have Your Brain Recharge With Getaway Tiny Cabins


Alex Rozier

WFAA – Getaway opens tiny cabins outside Dallas, hoping people disconnect from city life

Start at 2:23 A company called Getaway just opened 44 tiny cabins in LaRue, Texas, hoping to provide a break for busy people with hectic lives. North Texans can now relax in a small living space in the middle of the woods, about 90 minutes from Dallas. “It’s all about getting off the internet, away from your job, away from the craziness of city life,” said Jon Staff, founder and chief executive officer of Getaway.The company tells guests that cellphone service could be spotty, which is intentional in the secluded locations. There are landlines in case of emergency. Staff said his business started in 2015 as "three cabins in the woods" outside Boston and has expanded to locations outside nine U.S. cities. His goal was to get out of the city but remain close enough to go regularly.“I didn’t want to have wi-fi. I wanted it to be a sacred place where I didn’t do any work and hoped nobody would bother me," Staff said. Slowing down and taking a break is actually healthy for your brain, said Stacy Vernon, a clinician at Center for BrainHealth® at the University of Texas at Dallas. Vernon likened the brain to a battery that needs to be charged.“When we take a break we not only recharge ourselves — we can feel that physically — but we also recharge ourselves mentally, our brain recharges,” says Vernon. "It helps the brain to take an intentional break, such as walking around the neighborhood or going to a cabin to relax." Posted February 25, 2020

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Stacy Vernon, MS, LPC

Head of Adult Assessment


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