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Here and Now: Improving Brain Health

Dr. Julie Fratantoni being discussing BrainHealth Week 2023 with Fox 4's Shawn Rabb.

Fox 4 KDFW

Sean Rabb

BrainHealth's Dr. Julie Fratantoni sat down with Fox 4's Sean Rabb for a "Here & Now" conversation focused on the center's first annual BrainHealth Week. Research has shown that what people do can contribute to better brain health, so each day focuses on a theme to inspire brain-healthy habits, like empowerment, clarity, connections to people and purpose, emotional balance and community impact. With the help of over 60 community partners, BrainHealth Week 2023 offers five days of activities promoting brain health awareness.


"The brain that you have is the brain that you've built based upon how you'be used it – and we know that through repeating habits, our environment, those things influence our neuroplasticity, and we can actually rewire our brains to be healthier and stronger."– Dr. Julie Fratantoni
Listen to the full interview on Fox 4 KDFW

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Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP

Head of Research Integration and Partnerships Center for BrainHealth

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