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The University of Texas at Dallas BrainHealth Imaging Center Opens

Center for BrainHealth

Unique facility expands potential for innovative research into human brain health.(Pictured from left): Speakers Mr. Tom Leppert, Dr. Bart Rypma, Dr. Richard Benson, Dr. Steven Small, Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, Dr. Vince Calhoun. The Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas celebrated the grand opening of The University of Texas at Dallas BrainHealth Imaging Center, a one-of-a-kind facility focused on human brain imaging to measure changes in brain health and function. This is the first set of scanners for the University and among the few Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines in North Texas used exclusively for human brain research. Speakers included Dr. Richard Benson, president of UT Dallas; Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, vice president for research at UT Dallas; Dr. Steven Small, dean of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at UT Dallas; Dr. Bart Rypma, director of the UT Dallas BrainHealth Imaging Center; Dr. Vince Calhoun, founding director of the Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS) at Georgia State, Georgia Tech and Emory University and one of the world’s foremost experts in brain imaging and analysis; and Mr. Tom Leppert, former Mayor of Dallas and co-leader of The BrainHealth Project. The 3 tesla MRI scanners are optimized for the acquisition and interpretation of complex research data. The center also features rooms for biophysical health indicators and genetic testing, office and meeting space, and a brain reset room that offers a calming multi-sensory environment where participants can achieve a relaxed state of mind prior to testing. The center will serve as a hub for research scientists, partners — and even the medical community — to collaborate in the advancement of brain health. It will also be used to train the next generation of scientists who will develop tomorrow’s new analytics, new technology, and new approaches to create completely new visualization capabilities. “We will bring together research scientists, our partners and collaborators from around the world, so we can all think about the advancement of brain health,” shared Rypma, who is also a principal investigator at the Center for BrainHealth, during the opening event. “It’s an exciting time to be involved with brain research!” “The innovations found in this imaging center are remarkable because they help us better understand the workings of the human brain. I want to commend our faculty, researchers, staff, students and friends of the Center for BrainHealth for being a part of this vital area of science,” Benson remarked. The UT Dallas BrainHealth Imaging Center is now accepting scheduling requests for research studies at www.CenterforBrainHealth.org. CONTACT Stephanie Hoefken 972.883.3221 stephanie.hoefken@utdallas.eduABOUT CENTER FOR BRAINHEALTH Center for BrainHealth®, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, is a translational research institute committed to enhancing, preserving, and restoring brain health across the lifespan. Major research areas include the use of functional and structural neuroimaging techniques to better understand the neurobiology supporting cognition and emotion in health and disease. This leading-edge scientific exploration is translated quickly into practical innovations to improve how people think, work and live, empowering people of all ages to unlock their brain potential. Translational innovations build on Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™), a proprietary methodology developed and tested by BrainHealth researchers and other teams over three decades.

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Bart Rypma, PhD

Principal Investigator Professor, Behavioral and Brain Sciences at UT Dallas Meadows Foundation Endowed Chair in Behavioral and Brain Sciences Director, Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center

Vince Calhoun, PhD

Jane and Bud Smith Chair


Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center

Located at Center for BrainHealth, the Sammons BrainHealth Imaging Center is a one-of-a-kind facility completely focused on human brain imaging to measure changes in brain health and function. The design and field strength are optimized for functional MRI (fMRI), providing crisp anatomical detail and a signal-to-noise ratio that reduces distortion to facilitate the acquisition and interpretation of data.

Center for BrainHealth Receives Transformational Investment from Sammons Enterprises, Names Imaging Center

This largest single gift in the center’s history will advance work to identify neural indicators of protected, strengthened and restored brain health.