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Lose Your Mind, Not Your Memory

Brain puzzle with a few pieces still left to be put into place.

We’re all scattered, feeling stress and isolated. In these strange days of ‘sheltering in’, even pure boredom can lead to a lack of schedule, NO exercise, binge eating and drinking and a lack of energy with a ‘haven’t accomplished anything feeling’ of “I’m losing my mind”! But losing your mind doesn’t have to lead to losing your memory and declining brain function. Now’s the perfect time to ‘zone in’ on a few unexpected, yet scientifically researched strategies to emerge with a healthier brain and improve your memory. Launching her 2020 tour, Oprah sternly implored women to consider, “You are worth ONE minute”. Alas, we take great pride in the fact that more is better! This leads to long to-do lists and multi-tasking to get it all done making us seem more efficient. But, sadly, the opposite is true. This has actually done us a health disservice, mentally and physically, according to the brain health expert, Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, Center for Brain Health at The University of Texas at Dallas. In a Dallas Morning News interview, Dr. Chapman encourages us that not all is lost. “Science discoveries over the last two decades reveal that our brain is the most modifiable part of our body and easiest to strengthen, more than our heart or teeth,” she says. One of her many Brain Power strategies? The Brain Power of ONEFocus on ONE ‘in the moment’ activity with no other distractions. Period. Reading the paper, working out and listening to the news all at the same time actually decreases your brain fitness level and can improve memory. “Doing one thing for a concerted period of time will not only strengthen the brain but increase energy tremendously,” preaches Dr. Chapman. Read full story on PRiMEWOMEN. Published on PRiME WOMEN April 26, 2020

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