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Mental Health Support for Frontline Workers

Person holding a stressball.

D Magazine

Plamedie Ifasso


Medical City Healthcare and the Center for BrainHealth offer mental health services to support essential workers dealing with increased stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical City has implemented two new programs in addition to its longstanding Employee Assistance Program. The Nurse Care program provides remote access to licensed psychologists, therapists, and counselors for healthcare-based nurses to help manage anxiety, balance work and life responsibilities, practice self-care, and handle nursing-related issues. Code Compassion allows healthcare workers to call a response team for support during crisis or compassion fatigue. Medical City staff also have access to the Optum Behavioral Health Sanvello app for free premium access during the pandemic. The Center for BrainHealth's Stress Resilience for the Front Line program offers virtual access to self-paced cognitive training programs, interactive Zoom resilience sessions led by the Center's expert clinicians, and a video series discussing tips on increasing brain health for healthcare workers and first responders at no cost. Read full story on D Magazine

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Center for BrainHealth Researchers Confirm Improvement in First Responders’ Brain Health After Shortened Training Protocol

SMART™ training has demonstrated an ability to improve cognitive function and psychological well-being. These results can even make long-lasting improvements to brain health outside of training, in everyday life.