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Metta Hour Podcast Featuring Bonnie Pitman

Bonnie Pitman is wearing a blue blazer in front of a mic with a blue background, landscape. Director of Art-Brain Innovations.

Metta Hour

Sharon Salzberg

For episode 177 of the Metta Hour, Sharon speaks with Bonnie Pitman. Bonnie is a nationally recognized leader in the museum community. Her museum career spans 50 years of service in the museum, education, and university fields. Since 2008, Bonnie has been living with chronic illness. In 2011 began her daily practice to “Do Something New,” inviting the exploration and celebration of making an ordinary day extraordinary while dealing with chronic illness. In this episode, Bonnie shares about her work in the art world and how she sees art as a doorway to contemplative practice. She and Sharon talk about how differently art is looked at in Eastern culture and what role suffering has to play in the creation of art. They discuss the history of Bonnie’s “Do Something New” initiative and what that looks like for her today while still facing chronic illness. Lastly, they discuss the role gratitude has played in her well-being and, in particular, her chronic disease. Bonnie closes the conversation with a guided loving kindness meditation.Listen to the podcast.

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Bonnie Pitman

Director Art-Brain Innovations Distinguished Scholar in Residence for The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (EODIAH)

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Working with UT-Dallas’s Center for BrainHealth, Bonnie Pitman uses her expertise in art to help both physicians and people living with debilitating conditions.