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Mind the Multitasking

A young Asian woman works on a laptop and a tablet while trying to calm down active children.

Does multitasking really make you more productive?

Your brain is wired to perform one task at a time. When you "multitask," your brain is actually switching between tasks, which increases fatigue and decreases efficiency and performance.


Multitasking does not form a path to productivity. Forcing your mind to quickly, repeatedly switch back and forth between tasks exhausts the frontal lobe of your brain, slowing down abilities like movement, language and higher-level executive functions.


  • Reflect upon when and how you usually multitask, and the impact.
  • Adjust your schedule and planning ways to prioritize focus time for important tasks.
  • Being mindful and intentional: Single task to give your efforts the attention they deserve.
  • Follow internal cues, like pausing to make notes when you have a spontaneous idea, and take periodic brain breaks to refresh and build stamina.

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