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Mindfulness and Brain Health

Melani Massey

Dallas Doing Good

Mary Martin


Melani S. Massey, mindfulness clinician at UT Dallas' Center for BrainHealth, shares how mindfulness changed her life, explaining that the practice is about present-moment awareness of your thoughts and being intentional, rather than "clearing the mind."Mindfulness has the potential to change the brain, and she explains how stress hormones can lead to mental illness. Mindfulness is a great way to mitigate stress. When young people develop brain-healthy habits, like good sleep hygiene, social practices and a balanced diet, those habits help to build resilience that will last beyond COVID-19.Center for BrainHealth research has shown that the simple habit of taking regular "brain breaks" (3-5 minutes five times each day) helps to improve thinking, mood and energy. So take a few minutes here and there to embrace nothingness of thought and truly clear the mind. Read full story on Dallas Doing Good

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Caregivers, COVID-19 and Brain Health

In this time of COVID-19, social isolation, and uncertainty, your brain health may be at risk. As a caregiver, the level of anxiety you may be experiencing could be at an all-time high.