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#MyBrainHealthMatters Campaign is Food for Thought

Pastry and bsoiled eggs on a plate.

Think about this: Good brain health is about learning the proper way to feed, nurture and strengthen your brain, while eliminating activities that can do it harm. That’s one of the central themes of #MyBrainHealthMatters, a social media campaign launched in May by the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas. Sandra Chapman, Ph.D., founder and chief director for the Center for BrainHealth, said the campaign’s “biggest message is our health begins, and ends, with our brain health.” #MYBRAINHEALTHMATTERS NURTURES GOOD BRAIN HEALTH #MyBrainHealthMatters is designed to shift the way we think and act about our brains, emphasizing that even subtle changes in our lifestyles can help nurture brain health.Many people don’t think about their brains until it is injured, diseased or shows the impact of aging, Chapman said.  Improving brain health also is something that healthy people should address, as well. Chapman said the campaign reinforces the good things that people can do for their brains while dispelling some of the myths about brain health. Near the top of the myths is that multitasking is good for you because it stimulates and exercises your brain. Read full story on Dallas Innovates Published on Dallas Innovates June 2, 2016  

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