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Center for BrainHealth and BrainHealth Week

Clinical researcher Erin Venza talks with Vince Sims on NBC 5 Talk Street to share information about BrainHealth Week.



In this segment of 5 Talk Street, Erin Venza, MS, CCC-SLP, head of clinical operations at the Center for BrainHealth, shares the buzz surrounding the upcoming BrainHealth Week and extends a warm invitation to viewers to events, especially the Family Fair on Saturday, February 24th, which will include guest speakers, games, crafts, and more.


"The first thing I would say is just come, because you would feel the inspiration and the energy at the Center for BrainHealth. There are events for any stage of life that will get you engaged and teach you something you didn't already know, about how you could be proactive about your brain today." – Erin Venza, MS, CCC-SLP
Venza urges people of all ages to be proactive about brain health, and everyone to start caring for mental health earlier in life. Watch the full segment on NBC 5 DFW

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Erin Venza, MS, CCC-SLP

Head of Clinical Operations

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Celebrate your potential to positively impact the health and fitness of your brain. The second annual BrainHealth Week is February 19-24, 2024 in Dallas, Texas, bringing together hundreds of people from across the North Texas to learn about brain health through in-person and virtual events.