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A person making a decisive move in a game of chess.

Why does your brain enjoy a good puzzle?

Focusing on a challenging puzzle invokes possibility thinking and innovation. Seek out enjoyable games that require decision-making, problem-solving and higher-order reasoning.


Not all "brain games" are equal. Many popular online puzzles games keep your brain "busy," but only a fraction of them stimulate higher-level thinking: synthesis of big ideas from varied sources, filtering of unimportant details, and generation of adaptive, creative solutions.


  • Starting a game night with friends, and trying a new game each week
  • Seeking out games that excite new ways of thinking, rather than repeat rote ideas
  • Trying different games at different times of day, based upon your routine and company
  • Keeping an open mind: Just because you did not enjoy a game once does not your experience cannot change

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