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Super Support on North Texas Giving Day Boosts Comet Causes

Graycie Montfort (right), shown with UT Dallas students Carys Lopez (left) and Zainab Shah, raised $1,300 for the Callier Center for Communication Disorders during North Texas Giving Day. Part of her donation came from the sales of hair accessories at her pop-up store at the Callier Center.

The University of Texas at Dallas

Jeff Joiner


On the September 21st the University of Texas at Dallas received over $172,000 during the North Texas Giving Day, with 15-year-old Graycie Montfort contributing $1,300 to the Callier Center for Communication Disorders through proceeds from her handmade hair accessories, benefiting patients and students. In total, nearly $63.9 million was donated to over 3,200 nonprofits in North Texas during the event, supporting various causes and programs.UTD's Center for BrainHealth received over $41,000, including matching gifts from longtime supporters, to support a program aiding early-stage Alzheimer's patients and caregivers with online resources.


“We are grateful for the tremendous response we received this year, which will enable us to reach an increasing number of families — breaking barriers, offering hope and supporting those affected by Alzheimer’s to live fulfilling lives beyond the diagnosis.” Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, chief director of Center for BrainHealth
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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project

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