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Take a Spoonful of Advice on Sugar

A young woman looks excited as she eats a sugary dessert.

How can sugar habits sweeten your brain health?

Your approach to sugar can have a significant impact on your long-term and short-term brain health. Research suggests some sweeteners can even impair inhibition, creating a viscous cycle of struggling to resist another sweet.


Chronic elevation of blood sugar is associated with an increased, long-term risk of dementia as well as other significant short-term effects, including a negative impact on both mood and focus in daily life, factors that naturally shape well-being, productivity and social interactions.


  • Don't eat sugar on an empty stomach – eat healthy foods first.
  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water before and after.
  • Move your body – follow up with 10 minutes of physical activity.
  • Avoid excess – consume sugary foods in moderation.

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