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The Adolescent Brain: Learning, Reasoning, and Decision Making

A group of teenage students are smiling while leaning against lockers.

American Psychological Association

Valerie F. Reyna, Sandra B. Chapman, Michael R. Dougherty and Jere Confrey

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Findings from cognitive, developmental, and social psychologists are combined with those of neuroscientists to address the importance of higher-order cognition in life-learning for adolescents and young adults. From mathematical problem-solving to judgment in everyday life, cognition plays an integral role in how children progress. This book examines the mechanisms behind this process of learning for adolescents and explores how children’s development of higher-order cognition can influence their life outcomes.

The Adolescent Brain is a comprehensive study of how the adolescent brain develops and how this critical period of development affects learning, reasoning, and decision-making.

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Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD

Chief Director Dee Wyly Distinguished Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Co-Leader, The BrainHealth Project