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The Hidden Effects of Hearing Loss on the Brain

Older woman taking a hearing test with a large model of the human ear in the foreground.


Christina Leimer

BrainHealth Investigator Dr. Yune Lee researches the impact of hearing loss on language processing and how the brain can adapt to auditory challenges.


Researchers across the country, including BrainHealth's Dr. Yune Lee, are studying how hearing loss affects brain activity. This article uses insights from explores the cognitive impact of hearing loss, a common experience that the World Health Organization recently identified as a global health challenge. Seeking to uncover the myriad unseen effects on the brain, select research scientists share their findings on how hearing loss impacts attention, brain plasticity and the possibility of dementia. Investigators discuss evidence-based theories involving both the physical and functional impacts of hearing changes and hearing aid devices upon brain performance. Read the article in BrainFacts.org

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Yune S. Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Director of Speech, Language, and Music (SLAM) Laboratory

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