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As Valentine’s Day Approaches, What’s the Science Behind Love and Attraction?

A hand holds a rainbow heart against a bright blue sky.

The Dallas Morning News

Adithi Ramakrishnan


What goes on inside our brains when we are in "love," and how can science possibly define those feelings? This article from Dallas Morning News chronicles the feelings of some DFW couples and pairs their perspectives with what researchers know about brain health science.For example, Edwin and Brittany experienced love at first sight. Center for BrainHealth researcher Erin Venza, MS, CCC-SLP, explains that when we meet someone we really like, we feel a gush of neurotransmitters (containing dopamine), which causes feelings of pleasure. Venza explores how the science of compatibility relates to real-life relationships, including how partners communicate, connect and work with one another.What is love according to science? The answer could lie in our brain waves.Read the full article at Dallas Morning News

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Erin Venza, MS, CCC-SLP

Head of Clinical Operations

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