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The Top 10 Science Blog Posts of 2021

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Oxford University Press blog

From the evolution of consciousness to cosmic encounters, palliative medicine to the Brain Health Gap, 2021 was a year filled with discovery across scientific disciplines. The Oxford University Press blog (OUPblog) shares their top 10 science blog posts of the year. #9 features work from BrainHealth collaborators.

Closing the Brain Health Gap: Addressing Women’s Inequalities

There is a clear sex and gender gap in outcomes for brain health disorders across the lifespan, with strikingly negative outcomes for women. The “Brain Health Gap” highlights and frames inequalities in all areas across the translational spectrum from bench-to-bedside and from boardroom-to-policy and economics.Learn how closing the Brain Health Gap will help economies create recovery and prepare our systems for future global shocks.Read the OUP Blog

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