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Two Tapped for BrainHealth Advisory Board

People Newspaper

Samantha Ponce


Roger Gault and David Jacobs will take over as advisory board chair and vice-chair, respectively, for The University of Texas at Dallas Center for BrainHealth. Gault is the president of Gault Company, a commercial real estate firm, and has extensive business and philanthropic experience. On the other hand, Jacobs was a founding partner of E2M Partners and is now an investor, consultant, and business advisor. Both have been members of the Center's advisory board for ten years and have expressed their commitment to supporting the Center's mission to promote brain health through research and education. The outgoing board members, Ka Cotter and Eric Bennett were thanked for their leadership, and the new appointees were praised for their suitability for the roles. The board hopes that Gault and Jacobs will help raise awareness of the Center's programs and services to empower people of all ages to unlock their brain potential. Published on PeopleNewspapers.

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Roger Gault

Past Board Chair BrainHealth Champion

David Jacobs

Board Chair BrainHealth Champion