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Unleash Inspiration Through Silence

A young woman looks pensively out a window in a quiet, sunlit room.

Can silence level up your innovative capacity?

When confronted with a perplexing problem, take time to think in silence. Block out external distractions, and give yourself the space and solitude you need to focus on internal ideas.


Pushing through mental walls may not yield the best results. The resting brain is still active. Downtime frees the default mode network from external distractions and allows unconscious thinking to take over, increasing the chances of having a seemingly-spontaneous epiphany.


  • Make a conscious choice to step back from external stimuli.
  • Disconnect from technology and sounds for at least five minutes.
  • Continue to seek interactions with others in between intervals of silence.
  • Embrace the newness of silence through a calming activity, like meditating or journaling.

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