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UT Dallas Embarks on Study to Help Boost Brain Power

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A study happening in Dallas is offering tools to maximize brain health and a one-of-a-kind peek into your own brain potential.The BrainHealth Project, happening at the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas, is a landmark scientific study designed to define brain health, measure brain health with a novel, multifaceted BrainHealth index that tracks progress toward personalized brain fitness goals, and enhance, maintain and regain brain health through proven training, self-paced activities and live coaching.The project is recruiting children and adults of various ages , but right now, participants ages 18 to 40 may qualify for a series of free functional MRIs that can offer a snapshot of a person’s blood flow and brain connectivity, which can show potential for boosting brain power and progress through the project.“There is tremendous ability for change. It’s not like you’re stuck with what you got. Does it take a little work? Yes. But is it possible? Yes,” said research scientist and head of operations of The BrainHealth Project, Dr. Julie Fratantoni. Read more in NBC. Published June 2021

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