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Young Scientists Pitched Their Programs at "Shark Tank”-Style Luncheon

2022 Friends of BrainHealth Winners and Finalists: Stephen Campbell, Patricia Monique Sanchez, Amy Berglund-Barraza, Kristen Platt, Pariya Zaro, Jehong Kim

My Sweet Charity

Jeanne Prejean


On October 3, Center for BrainHealth made scientific discovery more fun with the 2022 Friends of BrainHealth Luncheon, sponsored this year by Barbara and Steve Durham. The annual competition includes a live competition where emerging scientists pitch ideas for novel brain health studies. In 2022, the Friends of BrainHealth campaign, chaired by Brian Conroy and Brandi Sinclair, contributed more than $379,000, setting a new record in annual giving for this donor circle! Selected studies receive funding through the generosity of local philanthropists and Friends of BrainHealth supporters. Hosted at the Dallas Country Club, the 2022 event awarded four early-career scientists with seedling grants to purse innovative, new research. At the luncheon, sponsor Steve Durham commented that many of our most current and pressing social challenges start and end with brain health, demonstrating the need for ongoing and inventive brain health research.Read the full article at My Sweet Charity

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2022 Friends of BrainHealth Award Recipients

Center for BrainHealth hosted the annual Friends of BrainHealth Luncheon at the Dallas Country Club, sponsored by Barbara and Steve Durham. The 2022 Visionary New Scientist Award was determined by a live audience in a “Shark Tank” style vote among three finalists.