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Art of Kindness

Kindness Post-it notes at 2021 event.

Delve Into the Neuroscience of Empathy Through the Art of Kindness

The six 2022 Art of Kindness finalists.

Congratulations to all six finalists recognized at the fourth annual Art of Kindness, celebrated on November 10, 2022.

Each November, Art of Kindness calls upon local, college-aged artists to explore the brain science behind kindness and empathy.

Since 2019, Center for BrainHealth has hosted Art of Kindness to celebrate World Kindness Day. Working with UT Dallas' School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology and Department of Computer Science, the event includes an interactive exhibit, awards ceremony and selection of the People's Choice Award.

Thank you to everyone who attended the fourth annual Art of Kindness! Join us again in fall 2023.

Emerging Artists Blend Visual Art and Brain Health Science

Art of Kindness 2022 winner Sarah Vu's piece, The Creation of Relationships.

The Creation of Relationships by Sarah Vu

2022 First Place winner Sarah Vu describes symbolism in The Creation of Relationships, a commentary on internet culture shaped by Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam:

I took a modern take, wanting to emphasize the impact of kindness through the internet and how kindness leads to connectivity. The left hand represents the part of me that tends to self-isolate while the right represents connecting to others with kindness. The background symbolizes how our lives intertwine as we form relationships through building blocks of kindness. Although this is a self-portrait, I believe others may also see themselves.

Art of Kindness 2022 winner Isabella Viggiano's piece, Expansion of Compassion.

Expansion of Compassion by Isabella Viggiano

2022 People's Choice winner Isabella Viggiano reflects upon her piece Expansion of Compassion, a luminous exploration of the holistic role kindness plays as we care for ourselves and others:

While the majority of us don’t hesitate to do small acts of kindness for others every day, I wanted to comment on how we tend to neglect ourselves in that same sense.

The intense color symbolizes emotions, interests and passions – all things we lose when we turn away from kindness.

The depiction of my past and present selves shows how practicing compassion – both inside and out – can relight your world, and how even the smallest of gestures can strengthen the connections between us and within ourselves as well.

2022 Art of Kindness Finalists

Past Winners