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BrainHealth Week Virtual Events

Images of brain-health people thriving appear next to the logo for BrainHealth Week 2023.

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February 2024

Participate in BrainHealth Week Virtually

During BrainHealth Week, people of all ages are coming together to build brain-healthy habits that focus on the brain’s lifelong upward potential. ​
Our goal is to provide access to simple, science-based tools and strategies that anyone can easily incorporate into their daily life. We hope that BrainHealth Week helps people begin – or continue – their journey to a healthier brain.
Each day's theme focuses on a different aspect contributing to better brain health, with live-streamed events so all can participate.
Talks are live-streamed and free of charge. When you register, you get access to all the talks and can attend as many as you want.
And don't forget to join the BrainHealth Week Daily Challenge by texting BRAIN to 888-844-8991.
For details and a full schedule of in-person events, visit Brain Health Week 2023. For questions, contact brainhealthevents@utdallas.edu or visit our events FAQs.

Speaker Lineup