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Gray Matters: A Biography of Brain Surgery

Theodore H. Schwartz, MD – Professor of Neurological Surgery in Otolaryngology, Weill Cornell Medicine

Mitch Elkind, MD – Chief Clinical Science Officer, American Heart Association

Book cover for Gray Matters: A Biography of Brain Surgery by Ted Schwartz.
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Explore the evolution of brain surgery and implications for proactive brain health with international speaker and one of the nation’s leading neurological surgeons, Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz. In a fireside chat with neurologist and longtime friend Mitch Elkind, MD, Dr. Schwartz shares a surgeon’s perspective on major advances in the history of brain health science, as well as the cultural and philosophical significance of popular brain-related topics. Or you can register to attend in person in Dallas, Texas. Lunch begins at 11:30am and the talk at noon.
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2024 Fall Lineup

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Directions to Center for BrainHealth

Brain Performance Institute building at dusk
The entrance to the surface parking lot is on Forest Park Road. The talks will be held in the Brain Performance Institute building, the second building when you enter through the gate.