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A Psychneurobiological Approach to Mental Health

Caroline Leaf, PhD – Neuroscientist, Author, and Neurocycle® Creator

Charles Wasserman, MS, AuD doctoral student

A Psychneurobiological Approach to Mental Health

About the Talk

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the effectiveness of a non-pharmacological intervention as assessed using a psychneurobiological approach that incorporates elements of a clinically researched and applied mindfulness and metacognitive process that is easily accessible and applicable as an alternative to a purely biomedical model to help relieve mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts.
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Directions to Center for BrainHealth

Brain Performance Institute building at dusk, exterior photo
The entrance to the surface parking lot is on Forest Park Road. The talks will be held in the Brain Performance Institute building, the second building when you enter through the gate.