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Friends of BrainHealth

Join us as a Friend of BrainHealth® to directly impact and significantly shape the scientific study happening at the Center for BrainHealth. With a mission to understand, protect and heal the brain, the Center for BrainHealth is dedicated to positively impacting lives today.

Be a part of the comprehensive and collaborative team striving to assure robust brain health fitness for all.

Friends of BrainHealth offers seven membership levels: Companion ($500), Friend ($1,000), Special Friend ($2,500), Esteemed Friend ($5,000), Distinguished Friend ($10,000), and Visionary Friend ($25,000).

Become a BrainHealth Ambassador and participate in the most important scientific cause of the 21st century.

Friends of BrainHealth Who Facilitate Groundbreaking Research and Treatments to Improve Brain Performance

Friends of BrainHealth 2020 Winners

The Center for BrainHealth recently hosted the first-ever virtual iteration of the annual Friends of BrainHealth Scientist Selection Luncheon, during which Dema Abdelkarim, Mark Zuppichini, Sarah Laane, and Julie Fratantoni were awarded funds for their independently designed research studies.