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Parenting Minds

A happy, multiracial family hugging on the beach and smiling.

How Can I Connect With My Child?

Parenting Minds™ is a self-paced online course that supports parents like you through the most fulfilling, high-stakes journey of your lifetime: being a parent.
Engage in interactive, multimedia mini-lessons that will help you approach your parenting role in a whole new way – combining brain-healthy strategy with collaborative communication.
Ideal for parents of kids ages 8-17.
The 5 lessons take only 20-30 minutes each and are accessible on any mobile device.

How It Works

Two young happy girls smiling and laughing together.

Lessons Grounded in Cognitive Neuroscience

Daily routines and never-ending to-do lists produce exhaustion and feelings of being on autopilot with your loved ones, with no energy left to take care of your own wellbeing.
Parenting Minds teaches you how to:
  1. Embrace the power of neuroplasticity in creating strong connections.
  2. Reduce the effects of parenting stress on your mind and body.
  3. Delete the drama and eliminate unhelpful patterns of interaction.
  4. Tame worried thoughts and expand resilient mindsets.
  5. Set and achieve brain-healthy parenting goals for future success.
A man talks to his son while sitting on a fallen tree, enjoying the outdoors.

Filling a Critical Gap

This training fills a gap in parental support resources and strategic parenting skills training that emerges as children reach late elementary school and gets more pronounced through high school.
Participants report that the strategies taught are meaningful, thought provoking and effective when communicating with their preteens and teens.

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