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Andrew S. Nevin, PhD

Headshot of Andrew Nevin, PhD

Inaugural Director, Brainomics Venture Research Professor Center for BrainHealth

Dr. Nevin leads the Brainomics™ Venture at Center for BrainHealth and UT Dallas, a multi-disciplinary effort to unlock vast human potential by examining the economic impact of interventions to improve brain health and performance.
When you look at the way neuroscience understands human behavior, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve our micro and macroeconomic approaches. If we can combine forces – economists and neuroscientists – to think about the way people behave, we’ll get much more powerful insights and ultimately a stronger economy and society.
Dr. Nevin's collaboration is made possible thanks to Ellen and John McStay.

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Entrepreneur, economist, strategist and global citizen, Andrew S. Nevin, PhD, serves as a key advocate for advancement of economies and quality of life. As the inaugural director of the Brainomics Venture, he is positioning Center for BrainHealth as the global authority in the economics of brain health.
Dr. Nevin is back in North America after 15 years in Nigeria, where he has been a nation-builder and public intellectual. As a partner with PwC Nigeria, he was the financial services leader and chief economist and served on the boards of a number of leading NGOs. He brings 35+ years of experience in a wide variety of roles, including line manager, strategy consultant, investor, economist, entrepreneur, author, and public intellectual. He built up an extensive public presence by advocating for changes to unlock Nigeria's human and economic potential. In his working life, Andrew has lived an equal amount of time in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe, and has valuable experience responding to global crises and shaping the future of financial services.
He is also a leader in the emerging concept of Flourishing, which focuses on shifting public policy from a GDP lens to a broader Flourishing lens. He recently published a book (co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth Neill), Flourishing in Canada: How to Get the Good Life.
Andrew Nevin holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University and an MA in philosophy and politics from Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. His first degree is in computer science and mathematics from Western University, Canada.


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