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The Economic Impact

of Brain Health

An Economic Perspective of Better Brain Health

Thanks to enormous progress in discovering and disseminating breakthrough interventions that improve brain health, people in all life stages and circumstances are becoming empowered with simple, science-backed steps to bolster their brain’s fitness and overall wellness.
Now we are taking a broader view, translating 30 years of brain health science into economic impacts. When communities sustain brain health, it follows that there will be a larger economic benefit. Measuring and extending that benefit to drive improved organizational outcomes as well as policy initiatives is the focus of Brainomics™.
In this video, Dr. Andrew S. Nevin describes the motivations of the Brainomics Venture – to drive economic and social growth through better brain health around the world.
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A New Field of Research

Poor brain health costs the global economy trillions of dollars in lost productivity every year (Greene, Financial Times 2021). It is time to change the conversation with evidence that better brain health may reverse this trend and provide measurable economic benefits.
Brainomics is a new, multi-disciplinary field that joins cognitive neuroscience, health, economics and policy science, among others. It examines the exponential economic impact when interventions to improve brain health and performance are scaled up.
Measurable gains can be made when brain health is the driving force behind organizational decision-making and economic policy. Every sector of society stands to benefit. The Brainomics Venture creates a gamechanger for the economy, for public policy and for real people's lives, with the potential to yield real-world positive impacts.

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