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David Lary, PhD


BrainHealth Investigator Professor of Physics, Hanson Center for Space Sciences Founding Director, MINTS

The thread running through all of Dr. David Lary's research is preemptive human protection and holistic sensing in service of society using machine learning and data-driven insights, using observation and automation to facilitate discovery, with a focus in human health. The sensing spans multiple scales – from wearable sensors of cognitive performance, to autonomous robotic teams, to remote sensing from satellites.

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With more than 100+ peer-reviewed articles, Dr. Lary focuses on providing actionable insights with multiuse, multi-scale integrated interactive intelligent sensing and simulation in service of society.

A farmer stands in a sunny cornfield with a clipboard and closely inspects his crops.

Machine Learning Applications for Earth Observation

This paper is a review of machine learning applications in Earth science.

Autonomous Learning of New Environments With a Robotic Team Employing Hyper-Spectral Remote Sensing

An autonomous robotic team can learn the characteristics of environments, advancing machine learning algorithms faster than ever before.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Modeling Autonomic Pupillary Responses from External Stimuli Using Machine Learning

Researchers developed a model to predict pupil size using environmental and biometric data.

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Comprehensive Holistic Sensing of the Environment

University of Texas at Dallas: Synergistic Robots for Safety Surveys Ross Problem Statement: Cooperating robots for area reconnaissance: Leverage cooperating air and ground robots to enter a space and conduct CBR surveillance autonomously.

Cognitive Performance and the Environment

Dr. David Lary introduces his research into the use of machine learning and holistic biometrics for examining the impact of the environment on cognitive performance.

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