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Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD

Director of Adolescent Reasoning Initiative Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Jacquelyn Gamino is a lead researcher in adolescent brain development and executive function remediation. She developed the Adolescent Reasoning Initiative to enhance student academic performance in the near term and ultimately, lifelong success. For more than a decade, she and her team have been partnering with middle and high schools, training more than 600 educators to date and reaching well over 80,000 students across Texas and other states.

Key Research and Publications

Dr. Gamino has dedicated more than two decades of research discovering and creating protocols to improve higher-order executive function in adolescents. Key accomplishments include development of a universal training program that enhances student performance and teachers’ understanding of the brain and the importance of stimulating and cognitively challenging environments to emotional, cognitive and academic well-being. Raising more than $25,000,000 in grant money over the course of her career, Dr. Gamino is driven by her desire to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. As an expert in higher-order executive function, she has published evidence-based practices for educators, students, parents and researchers regarding maximizing adolescent brain potential. She is an invited national speaker and provides workshops and professional development opportunities for educators and administrators. Her presentations reflect her level of expertise and her innate ability to explain complex brain functioning to help the general public understand how they can improve their brain performance.

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Impaired Discourse Gist and Working Memory in Children after Brain Injury

Children with TBI struggle with abstraction and more complex cognitive tasks even when other basic functions are comparable with uninjured children.

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Effects of Higher-Order Cognitive Strategy Training on Gist Reasoning and Fact-Learning in Adolescents

We found that the students who had cognitive strategy instruction that entailed abstraction of meaning significantly improved their gist-reasoning and fact-learning ability.

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Improved Reasoning in Children with ADHD after Strategic Memory and Reasoning Training: A Novel Intervention for Strategic Learning Impairment

The results of this study demonstrate evidence for the clinical application of cognitive interventions for children with impaired reasoning ability.

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Jacquelyn Gamino: Winner of DMN ARI

The Center for BrainHealth®, part of The University of Texas at Dallas, was honored this week when its Adolescent Reasoning Initiative was named Nonprofit Team of the Year at the third annual Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards offered by DCEO in partnership with Communities Foundation of Texas. This honor reflects the team’s work in training teachers to guide middle and high school students in improving their executive function skills. For more than a decade, Dr. Gamino and her team at BrainHealth have trained teachers in cognitive science-based programming that instills reasoning, problem solving and innovation among students across the entire curriculum.

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