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Jennifer Zientz, MS, CCC-SLP

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Deputy Director of Programs and Head of Clinical Services

Jennifer Zientz’s work focuses on the translation of Center for BrainHealth® research to improve how people think, work and live. She administers performance-based assessments and facilitates training workshops that empower individuals across the lifespan to take the lead in strengthening their focus, mental efficiency, reasoning and possibility thinking.

Key Research and Publications

Jennifer’s career in clinical research and translational application has contributed to the growing knowledge of the impact of cognitive training in health. Her early work focused on the important role that complex language processing plays in diagnosis and treatment of dementias. She also worked to define best practices for speech-language pathologists in the path of care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease.

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A Novel BrainHealth Index Prototype Improved by Telehealth-Delivered Training During COVID-19

This groundbreaking study establishes a holistic, personalized measure of brain fitness (the BrainHealth® Index) and training protocols with the potential to revolutionize global health.

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Efficacy of Cognitive Training When Translated from the Laboratory to the Real World

This article presents preliminary evidence on the efficacy of SMART™ training when it is administered over a condensed time frame.

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