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COVID Fog: Four Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain at Work

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Will Maddox

The Center for BrainHealth shares tips for business leaders about how to improve performance and culture.


Jennifer Zientz, deputy director of programs and head of clinical services at UT Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth®, discusses how to prevent workplace burnout with D CEO Healthcare.Zientz explains four ways to maximizing brain health and productivity in the workplace – encouraging deep thinking, single-tasking, adaptable approaches and strategic planning. A ubiquitous habit in the modern workplace, multitasking has been shown to reduce quality and efficiency of work according to research conducted at the center. Instead of performing multiple tasks at once, Zientz suggests approaching tasks one at a time. “We call it the brainpower of one,” Zientz says. “It’s about single-tasking and filtering out the things that are unnecessary to your task at hand.”Read more at D CEO

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Jennifer Zientz, MS, CCC-SLP

Director of Programs and Head of Clinical Services Center for BrainHealth

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