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Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP

Head of Research Integration and Partnerships Center for BrainHealth

Dr. Julie Fratantoni is a cognitive neuroscientist who specializes in making neuroscience approachable and leveraging behavioral science to create tools that help people become proactive about their brain health by building healthy habits.
She leads the user experience and content creation for The BrainHealth Project – a 10 year, longitudinal research study seeking to define, measure, and improve brain health and performance across the lifespan.
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Key Research and Publications

Dr. Fratantoni leverages behavioral science for the development of the online BrainHealth dashboard and mobile app where participants access assessments (BrainHealth Index), coaching, and training. She also leads the center’s Kindness Enterprise, a research and translational program seeking to uncover and harness the brain’s capacity for kindness, empathy and compassion as critical components of overall brain health and well-being.

More Information

Six Tips for Better Brain Health

Center for BrainHealth's Julie Fratantoni, PhD, on the set of WFAA's Good Morning Texas.
Practical tools can enable you to leverage attention, improve innovative thinking and strengthen connections – helping you thrive through activities that bring you joy.
Discover tips for a brain-healthy lifestyle with Dr. Julie Fratantoni as she shares science-backed ways to promote brain health across the lifespan.
Watch the segment with WFAA's Jane McGarry on Good Morning Texas

Five Days to Inspire Brain-Healthy Habits

BrainHealth Week is an annual event offering ways for people of all ages to participate in building better brain health through a variety of free in-person and virtual events.
The 2023 inaugural week of events and activities brought together over 60 community partners for five days of activities to promote brain health awareness for all ages.
"The brain that you have is the brain that you've built based upon how you've used it – we know that through repeating habits, we can rewire our brains to be healthier and stronger." – Dr. Julie Fratantoni
Listen to the full interview with Shaun Rabe on Fox 4 KDFW

A Personalized Wellness Plan for Your Brain

Sandi Chapman, PhD, Maria Johnson, MA, CCC-SLP, and Julie Fratantoni, PhD, CCC-SLP at Center for Brain Health in Dallas, Texas. Photo by: Rebecca Slezak / Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer.
Decades of neuroscience show the remarkable adaptability of the human brain – but most people still don't know what steps can help exert control over brain health.
“You only sort of pay attention to the brain when it’s not working right. It’s not been until the last few decades that we’ve been able to know what it looks like or know that it can change.” – Dr. Julie Fratantoni
Read the full article in the Dallas Morning News

Curbing Social Media's Addictive Effects

The brain's reward network compels us to keep checking social media – but that nonstop flow of dopamine takes a toll on how we learn, sleep and socialize, especially for children.
“Allowing children to be bored, to have downtime, really fosters creativity. That's important for children and adults – periods of rest when the default mode network can activate." – Julie Fratantoni, Ph.D
Watch Marc Istook's segment or read the article on WFAA

Nature’s Way to Improve Brain Health

Julie Fratantoni interview with Good Morning Texas
By changing the way you focus your attention each day, you can literally rewire your brain and improve its function – and we don't just mean by playing Wordle or solving puzzles.
Seek out new, unusual or exciting experiences. Working through challenges and new feelings, and just interacting and sharing with others, can make our brains stronger.
Watch the interview on Good Morning Texas

Accelerating Your Brain's Capacity

Typically, brain health is defined as the absence of disease, but we are defining brain health as the capacity for people to thrive at any stage of life.
Julie Fratantoni, PhD, and Jennifer Zientz, MS, CCC-SLP, join Jim Falk to discuss ways people of all ages can take control of brain health and increase mental ability.
Watch the full episode on KERA's McCuistion TV

Improve Focus at Any Age

Happy multi generational women having fun together - Multiracial friends smiling on camera after sport workout outdoor
Did you know you can take steps to increase or maintain your own brain health?
Decades of research have shown the brain to be adaptable across the entire lifespan. Thanks to neuroplasticity, the brain has a lifelong ability to improve based upon how you use it.
It’s time to reject the notion that it is “normal” for brain performance to decline with age.
Read Dr. Fratantoni's article in Prime Women

UT Dallas Embarks on Study to Help Boost Brain Power

Julie Fratantoni in "UT Dallas Embarks on Study to Help Boost Brain Power" video.
Did you know it's possible to boost your brainpower?
The BrainHealth Project at UT Dallas' Center for BrainHealth is offering tools to maximize brain health and harness brain potential. The landmark scientific study defines and measures brain health using a novel, multifaceted BrainHealth Index to tracks changes over time.
Read the article or watch the video at NBC 5

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