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Katie Hinds, MS, CCC-SLP

Katelyn Hinds is wearing a black blouse with blue lights, landscape. Senior clinician. SMART and Project coach. Katie Hinds

Senior Clinician

Katie facilitates SMART™ Brain Training and BrainHealthy Workplace™ programs with a variety of military, law enforcement, corporate, and student groups. She also leads individual and group coaching sessions focused on empowering individuals to utilize strategies for improved brain health and performance as part of The BrainHealth® Project.

Key Research and Publications

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Esports Performance Academy and Center for BrainHealth Form Partnership to Implement Esports Protocol

The Esports Performance Academy is partnering with the Center for BrainHealth® to implement a novel performance initiative for esports players. A targeted group of EPA clients and students is participating in The BrainHealth Project , a research-backed training protocol to improve cognitive performance and strengthen overall brain health.

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Center for BrainHealth Researchers Confirm Improvement in First Responders’ Brain Health After Shortened Training Protocol

SMART™ training has demonstrated an ability to improve cognitive function and psychological well-being. These results can even make long-lasting improvements to brain health outside of training, in everyday life.

Rockwall Police Take Unique, ‘SMART' Approach to Critical Decision-Making
The Rockwall Police Department is putting 30 of its staff through multiple training sessions with the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas' SMART Brain Training program

Rockwall Police Take Unique, ‘SMART' Approach to Critical Decision Making

The Rockwall Police Department has implemented a new training program for officers and supervisors. Led by BrainHealth clinicians, this unique SMART Training program focuses on brain health and performance, including critical decision-making skills essential to the work of first responders.

2018 Friends of BrainHealth Award Recipients

The Friends of BrainHealth, a donor circle supporting the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas, announced five $25,000 Distinguished New Scientist Awards at the 2018 Friends of BrainHealth Scientist Selection Luncheon.

Thrive Like a Warrior

April 10, 2020 - We are all warriors now as we experience increases in stress and anxiety.

Training Initiative Targets Cognitive Performance

A group of Amarillo Police Department officers participated in a two-day training to gain insight regarding bolstering focus, creativity and mental efficiency via enhanced cognitive performance.

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Reprioritize to Reset: Cognitive Resilience for the Front Line

Join Katie Hinds as she shares various ways to overcome task saturation. Utilize additional tips and tools with our free in-depth training.

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