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Stephen B. White, JD

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Chief Operating Officer

With over 15 years as an executive in commercial healthcare products and services, combined with his experience as a commercial attorney and CPA, Stephen sees brain health and performance as the next “big thing” to improve how we all think, work and live. He works with strategic partners and in-house experts to build scalable services, assessments and commercialization opportunities.

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Publications and Significant Legal Matters

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Tips for CEOs: Habits to Continuously Improve Your Brain Health

Many executives don’t understand the concept of “brain health” or the power of high-performance brain training, but being empowered by some of these tools can significantly enhance one’s career.

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The New Math: Calculating Damages Under UCATA When Some of the Defendants Have Settled

Phantom Non-Parties at Fault: Problems in Apportioning Degrees of Fault

Plain talk about the mysteries of how a “phantom non-party at fault” can complicate liability questions and keeping the focus on the active parties involved.

Nelson v. Phoenix Resort Corporation

In case establishing that breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing in employment contract does not give rise to tort claim or remedies, required integrated reasoning to synthesize analogous arguments for court.

Stephen White in a navy sports coat is sitting down, portrait. Close-up. Chief Operating Officer

Rent-A-Center v. Canyon Television

Innovative thinking employed to provide that intangible injuries can be irreparable harm for purposes of a preliminary injunction.

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BancAmerica Commercial Corporation v. Brown

Using the power of paradox and infinite thinking in case of first impression establishing right to pursue provisional remedies in court despite arbitration provision.

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"You are the architect of your own brain health."

Your brain changes literally with every problem you try to solve, with every emotion, with every thought or action you take. You may have heard of norepinephrine and cortisol, both of which are powerful drugs that can be made available by pharmacies, but the best transmitter of those comes from your own brain. So by how you act, by how you regulate your emotions and thought processes, you are truly your own neuro-pharmacist.

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