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Tandra Allen, MS, CCC-SLP

Tandra T. Allen, MS is wearing a gray blouse with blue lights. landscape. Close-up. Head of Virtual Training Programs- hero (?)

Assistant Director of Research

Tandra Allen has led and developed social-cognitive research studies focused on advancing one’s overall social health. Her clinical research areas include using virtual technology to train social-cognitive skills as well as evaluating the brain systems that change as a result of high-level reasoning training. Currently, Tandra oversees the imaging study within The BrainHealth® Project.

Key Research & Publications

Tandra has led clinical research studies focused on understanding and enhancing one’s social-cognitive abilities as well as overall social health for over 13 years at the Center for BrainHealth. Her research includes development of virtual reality technology as a training tool to deliver high-level social reasoning training. Her work includes the use of fMRI imaging, in collaboration with Yale Child Medicine Center, to evaluate brain metrics of social-cognitive growth related to training.

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