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The BrainHealth Project

Is your brain as fit as you are? A woman looks at the brain health index dashboard on her laptop.



Like a physical workout, you can exercise your brain

Did you know that your brain changes every single day, based on how you use it?
The BrainHealth® Project is a landmark scientific study to measure and track one’s own brain fitness. Nearly 80% of participants in an early trial experienced signs of improved cognitive performance, with many also noting reductions in stress and anxiety.
This easy-to-use online platform delivers:
  • A unique, science-backed snapshot of your brain’s current fitness level – BrainHealth Index
  • Self-paced brain training – SMART™ Brain Training and other modules
  • Virtual coaching
Learn about brain-healthy strategies focused on individual strengths and goals and help us advance the science of brain health. Join the 25,000+ who have already registered, across 50 states and 60 countries.

How The Project Works

Your Greatest Asset Is Your Brain

"A brain that can think critically, that can function under stress, that is resilient in the face of trauma, that is creative, thoughtful, socially active … we all need and want that kind of brain."
Admiral (ret.) William McRaven, spokesperson
In this video, Admiral McRaven and others speak about The BrainHealth Project, a collaboration with more than 30 of the world's leading experts in brain health science.

Reframe How You Define Brain Health

Brain health is about making the most of your capacity to thrive in life.
Science is revealing just how interconnected the components of brain health are.
The BrainHealth Index provides a snapshot of your brain's health and performance, allowing you to track change and improvement over time. It is one of the core elements of The BrainHealth Project.
If you would like to get a snap shot of your brain health's fitness level but are not ready to join The project research study, consider the Concierge BrainHealth Index, conducted in person, one-on-one with a clinician at Center for BrainHealth.

Emerging Adults

A diverse group of happy college students sitting around a table and talking with each other.
Using the BrainHealth Index, emerging young adults (ages 18-25) receive a comprehensive measure of their current level of brain health and performance.
They can also meet virtually with a trained coach to set personal goals, and then start building brain-healthy habits using our online training on topics including sleep, stress management and social relationships.
Learn about brain-healthy strategies focused on individual strengths and goals, and help us advance the science of brain health.
It’s online, self-paced, interactive and entirely grounded in demonstrated science.

Understanding the participant experience

The BrainHealth Project introduces a multidimensional understanding of brain health and explores our lifelong ability to impact the brain's fitness, no matter the starting point.
This innovative approach to brain training teaches you to focus on your own strengths and performance. Learn how you can measure and track your own brain fitness.
Listen to a recorded information session with Dr. Julie Fratantoni and coach Stacy Vernon, MS, LPC, for more on the strategies and tools related to brain health and performance.

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