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The BrainHealth Project

Is your brain as fit as you are? A woman looks at the brain health index dashboard on her laptop.



Like a physical workout, you can exercise your brain

The BrainHealth Mobile App, offering more convenient access to The BrainHealth Project.
Did you know that your brain changes every single day, based on how you use it?
The BrainHealth® Project is a landmark scientific study to measure and track one’s own brain fitness.
This easy-to-use online platform delivers:
  • A unique snapshot of your brain’s current fitness level – BrainHealth Index.
  • Self-paced brain training – SMART™ Brain Training and other modules.
  • Virtual coaching.
Learn about brain-healthy strategies focused on individual strengths and goals and help us advance the science of brain health. Join the 30,000+ who have already registered, across all 50 states and 63 countries.

How The Project Works


A person engaged in The BrainHealth Project on a mobile device.
  • Women and men 18+ years old
  • No cost associated with participation
  • Download the BrainHealth Mobile App to get started!
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Brain health can be measured, using a metric to measure function of neural systems, as well as clarity, connectedness and emotional balance.

Reframe How You Define Brain Health

Brain health is about making the most of your capacity to thrive in life.
Science is revealing just how interconnected the components of brain health are.
The BrainHealth Index provides a snapshot of your brain's health and performance, allowing you to track change and improvement over time. It is one of the core elements of The BrainHealth Project.
If you would like to get a snap shot of your brain health's fitness level but are not ready to join the research study, consider the Concierge BrainHealth Index, conducted in person, one-on-one with a clinician at Center for BrainHealth.
Admiral McRaven at Brain³ Summit.

Your Greatest Asset Is Your Brain

"A brain that can think critically, that can function under stress, that is resilient in the face of trauma, that is creative, thoughtful, socially active … we all need and want that kind of brain."
Admiral (ret.) William McRaven Spokesperson for The BrainHealth Project

Research Highlights