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The BrainHealth Project

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Three decades of science have shown that you can train your brain to work better, faster and last longer. You are never too old or too young to start. Get on a personalized path and explore your brain’s upward potential by joining The BrainHealth® Project.

This innovative approach to brain training teaches you to focus on your own strengths and performance, empowering you to continue becoming the best version of yourself. It’s online, self-paced, interactive and entirely grounded in demonstrated science.

How It Works

Get your BrainHealth Index every six months
Meet quarterly with a BrainHealth coach
Gain access to ongoing BrainHealth training and habits

Your Greatest Asset Is Your Brain

A brain that can think critically, that can function under stress, a brain that is resilient in the face of trauma, a brain that is creative, that is thoughtful, that is socially active… we all need and want that kind of brain.

Admiral (ret.) William McRaven, spokesperson

A New Definition for Brain Health

Reframe how you define brain health: it’s about making the most of your capacity to thrive in life.

Science is revealing just how interconnected the components of brain health are.

The BrainHealth Index provides a snapshot of your brain's health and performance, allowing you to track change and improvement over time.

You can improve your brain’s fitness at any age.

Become Your Best Self

The BrainHealth Project introduces a multidimensional understanding of brain health and explores our lifelong ability to impact the brain's fitness, no matter the starting point.

Listen to a recorded information session to better understand how this innovative approach to brain training teaches you to focus on your own strengths and performance, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

What Participants Are Saying

News and Research

Woman looking at BrainHealth Project dashboard on a computer screen

The BrainHealth Project Honored as a Finalist in Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Award

The BrainHealth® Project, with technology partner Dialexa, was named a finalist in Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards, in the Wellness category. This easy-to-use online platform delivers a unique, science-backed program to measure, improve and track one’s own brain fitness, powered by data and machine learning.

Happy woman wearing headphones working on laptop. IStockID# 1218223744.

A Novel BrainHealth Index Prototype Improved by Telehealth-Delivered Training During COVID-19

This groundbreaking study establishes a holistic, personalized measure of brain fitness (the BrainHealth® Index) and training protocols with the potential to revolutionize global health.

A man's silhouette stands in a huge study and a computer code unfolds in front of him. IStockID# 949716854.

A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: Toward Economic Reimagination

Brain capital is a key component in shaping economic resilience, linked to our digitalized, globalized, complex, and interconnected yet fragile global economy. The time is now to catalyze a Grand Strategy for Brain Capital.