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The Youth BrainHealth Project

A happy Black teenage girl studying with a laptop and doing online research for a homework assignment.

Supporting Young Thinkers and Developing Minds

Students need every ounce of cognitive learning advantage to thrive in our constantly changing world. Equipped with the guidance for thinking strategically, deeply and innovatively across academic and social contexts, students have a greater chance for success in school and in their future careers.

Youth Pilot

Large group of high school students running to class through a hallway. Focus is on a happy student looking at the camera.
Through a youth component of The BrainHealth Project, children aged 10-17 are empowered to become citizen scientists. Data collected during Phases 1-3 of the Youth Pilot Study – informing and perfecting assessment protocols in an online environment – are currently being analyzed.
Enrollment for Phase 4 will open soon.
Sign up to be added to our waiting list. You will be asked to submit a parent email only and will be notified when Youth Registration opens for the next phase of our Youth Pilot Study.
Wait list is paused at this time.

Making an Impact