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The Youth BrainHealth Project

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Supporting Young Thinkers and Developing Minds

Students need every ounce of cognitive learning advantage to thrive in our constantly changing world. Equipped with the guidance for thinking strategically, deeply and innovatively across academic and social contexts, students have a greater chance for success in school and in their future careers.

Youth Pilot

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The pilot study informs the fine-tuning of the content, delivery, and timing of an online youth assessment, interactive feedback and follow-up procedures. In the longer-term, follow-along monitoring and youth- and parent-centric training will be available.

Through a youth component in The BrainHealth® Project, children aged 10-17 are empowered to become citizen scientists.

When the right strategies are actively adopted, research has shown to increase brain health and performance in meaningful ways to improve academic achievement, social adeptness, well-being and more.

Sign up by filling out a family form with your child's information.

Emerging Adults

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As self-reported rates of anxiety, depression and stress levels among college students grow at an alarming rate, many students are in need of practical tools and strategies to help them successfully manage information overload and navigate novel situations to achieve deeper level learning.

Using the BrainHealth Index, emerging young adults (ages 18-25) receive a comprehensive measure of their current level of brain health and performance, then have the opportunity to meet virtually with a brain health coach to set personal goals and access online training modules on topics including sleep, stress management and social relationships to help them build brain-healthy habits.

Get on a personalized path and explore your brain’s upward potential by joining The BrainHealth Project. It’s online, self-paced, interactive and entirely grounded in demonstrated science.

Making an Impact