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Mindfulness Training Study

You can earn $100 for completion of the study

Researchers at the Center for Brain Health and the University of Texas at Dallas are recruiting participants for a research study investigating how mindfulness meditation and psychoeducation training may alter the way an individual is affected by external stimuli. 
For more information about this study and to see if you qualify, please contact:
469-554-9686 or email mindfulness.npr@utdallas.edu.

Who Is Eligible?

Adults between ages 18-65 without any current or past history of depression or any other mental illness.

What Is Involved?

Participants will attend two, two-hour sessions at The University of Texas at Dallas or the Center for Brain Health. The two sessions are separated by four weeks of at-home training. At-home training will involve completing four weekly audio trainings for four weeks. Each audio training is approximately 20 minutes.
On full completion of the study, each participant will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $100 Visa credit card.