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Youth Brain Injury Assessment and Monitoring

Large group of high school students running to class through a hallway. Focus is on a happy student looking at the camera.

Long-Term Recovery

After the initial phase of recovery from a brain injury, discover how to unlock your greatest potential and maximize supports at each new stage. This service is offered for school-aged children and adolescents as well as college students.

How It Works

Jarrod Snell's High School Football Concussion Story

Jarrod Snell suffered four concussions in one high school football game. During his recovery, he missed a year and a half of school and rarely left the house. His mother struggled to find solutions. Jarrod joined a Center for BrainHealth concussion research study, and after participating in specialized brain training, his grades improved and so did social aspects of his life.
This program provides evidence-based services for evaluating, monitoring and maximizing the potential for people of all ages with brain injury, partnering with families and their care teams to equip individuals for success in their home, school, work and community environments.
NOTE: This is not a medical or diagnostic service. The assessment does not involve brain imaging (MRI, CT Scan, SPECT, EEG, etc.), medication or any other procedure.

Research Highlights

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