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Precision Brain Health

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Brain health is neglected in public health, too often receiving attention only after something goes wrong. Neuroplasticity research illustrates that preventive steps strengthen the brain's component systems; however, this information is not widely known. Actionable steps are needed to scale proven population-level interventions.
The BrainHealth® Project is an ongoing study that establishes a personalized measure and training protocols from an easy-to-use online platform that delivers a novel, science-backed approach to measuring, improving and tracking one’s own brain fitness.
This groundbreaking study establishes a holistic, personalized measure of brain fitness (the BrainHealth® Index) and training protocols with the potential to revolutionize global health by providing precision brain health.
A recent BrainHealth Project trial adapted these proven protocols into a methodology that combines live virtual coaching with personalized training through an app-like online platform. The limitless scalability of this approach means that people everywhere can have access to transformational science.

The BrainHealth Project

Three decades of science have shown that you can train your brain to work better, faster and last longer. Help advance brain science by joining our landmark study. You are never too old or too young to start. Start with your BrainHealth® Index (BHI), get your personalized training plan, and explore your brain’s upward potential. It’s all online, and you can access it from anywhere.

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A New Metric for This Century

Unlike physical health, a standardized definition or measure of brain health has not existed until now. Yet brain health plays a core role in human progress.
The BrainHealth Index introduces an actionable, holistic metric revealing brain fitness at an individual level. It eliminates the traditional distinctions of cognition, emotion, social and other functions based on a new understanding of the brain's cross-domain functionality. CLARITY Readiness to reason through complex situations, find optimism in crisis, prioritize rest, and create new opportunities/solutions. FORTITUDE Ability to remain emotionally balanced in the face of difficult situations, to handle adversity, and to find moments of joy.
RESILIENCE Capacity to connect with social support system and find purpose in daily life.