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We navigate a complex world to arrive at solutions that meet our purpose. Reasoning research investigates how people cope with complex conditions, abstract meaning, interrogate possibilities, and ultimately arrive at solutions. For example, we are studying the process by which people are able to think abstractly and use analogy to appreciate deeper levels of similarity in their environment.

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Stacy Vernon explaining The BrainHealth Project.

The BrainHealth Project

Three decades of science have shown that you can train your brain to work better, faster and last longer. Start with your BrainHealth® Index (BHI), get your personalized training plan, and explore your brain’s upward potential. It’s all online, and you can access it from anywhere.

Researcher Spotlight

Daniel Krawczyk in a black blazer with green and blue lights, vertical. Deputy Director, Debbie and Jim Francis Chair in Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Daniel Krawczyk, PhD

Deputy Director of Research Professor at UT Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences