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Sleep Study

Find out how your daily activities may affect your sleep

The Sleep Project is a study being conducted by the Filbey Lab at Center for BrainHealth.
To see if you are eligible, click on the button below to complete a short form
For more information, please contact the Filbey Lab at (469) 726-9078 or sleepprojectfilbey@gmail.com.
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Who is eligible?


  • You are between the ages of 18-70
  • You use cannabis regularly

What is Involved?

  • One lab visit on the UT Dallas campus
  • One week of recording your sleep in your home
  • Answering questions daily

Why participate?

Participants will be compensated. They will also play a vital role in ongoing scientific research.
The Filbey Lab focuses on combining neuroimaging and genetic techniques to characterize neural mechanisms associated with reward system dysfunction.