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Student Potential

It is vital that students continually expand and develop their higher order executive function skills. Strong critical thinking and reasoning abilities lead to success in school, home, and life.

This program teaches Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics, or SMART™ training, to enhance deeper-level thinking, focus and meaningful learning. It is designed specifically for adolescents and follows a step-by-step structure that promotes brain efficiency and effective thinking skills.

Tailored to Your Student's Needs

The after-school program is offered as one-on-one sessions or in small groups over a period of six weeks. Both in-person and virtual options are available. Ideal for students in grades 6-11.

The summer camp extends the basic SMART program by enhancing innovation in an engaging, activity-based and age-appropriate environment.

In this video, a summer camp participant talks about his experience and what he learned.

A young male student smiling into the camera on a staircase.

Real Results

Students and their parents have reported:

  • Greater academic performance

  • Improved classroom engagement

  • More efficiency in tackling schoolwork and homework

  • Increases in executive function, such as planning, decision making, and follow through

  • Higher test scores

  • Increased confidence

  • Improved academic outlook

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