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A Collaboration With Social Impact Partners

Two hands cradling a virtual brain, with a network of connections fanning out over a luminous city skyline.

Executive BrainHealth Index

Get to Know Your Brain

The brain – the most vital organ to everyday functioning – has a remarkable capacity for growth and can be primed for productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Monitoring your brain fitness is just as essential as your physical fitness. The first step is getting your BrainHealth® Index, a holistic snapshot of the brain’s current performance level.
Thanks to a special collaboration with Social Impact Partners, Center for BrainHealth is offering online access to the BrainHealth Index, free of charge now through November 30, 2023.
When you are ready to start, the button below will send you to a registration page for The BrainHealth Project, the platform where you will take the assessments for your BrainHealth Index. Please note that from the link on this page, you are only signing up for an exclusive Executive BrainHealth Index, not the full BrainHealth Project research study.

A Holistic Perspective

The BrainHealth Index measures how neural systems are affected in multiple areas: clarity, connectedness, emotional balance and emerging factors.
The BrainHealth Index is a proprietary assessment of overall brain performance. It is measured by a comprehensive set of scientifically robust measures of cognitive, emotional, social and real-life functioning.
Sophisticated analysis confirms the strong commonalities in brain networks, yielding three key factors that affect a person’s ability to thrive in their life context.
CLARITY Your readiness to reason through complex situations and create new opportunities or solutions
EMOTIONAL BALANCE Your ability to be emotionally balanced in the face of difficult situations, to handle adversity and to remain productive and capable throughout
CONNECTEDNESS (People and Purpose) Your capacity to overcome challenges and enjoy right, fulfilling experiences

How It Works


Brain health is much more than just one thing. It includes aspects of memory, intellectual function (the old IQ), emotional intelligence and more.
Cognitive neuroscience reveals that these elements are deeply integrated. Strengths in one area can offset or compensate for losses in another.
The adaptability of the brain means that people, no matter age or circumstances, can enhance the quality of their day-to-day life through better brain health and fitness.
Typically in person, through our collaboration with Social Impact Partners we have made a trial BrainHealth Index available to you online, free of charge, through November 30, 2023.