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Brain Performance Challenge App

A fun way to introduce key brain health concepts and get an informal measurement of your strategy, reasoning, and innovation skills.

This app will give you an informal snapshot of your brain fitness, provide you with tips for boosting brain performance, and allow you to track your improvement as you put those tips into practice.

This challenge is intended to introduce key brain performance concepts in a fun way. For a more comprehensive way to track and improve your brain's current health and fitness, join The BrainHealth Project.

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BrainHealth App

Improve your focus and strategic attention, boost mental energy, and accomplish what is most important to you each day.

SMART™ (Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics) is a cognitive training protocol that was developed and tested at the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas.

The BrainHealth app reinforces introductory strategies taught in SMART Brain Training:

  • Brainpower of None – Quieting your mind to reveal fresh solutions

  • Brainpower of One – Working on one task at a time to build endurance and avoid distractions

  • Brainpower of Two – Identifying and setting aside time for your two most important tasks each day