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Brain Training and Programs

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Improve How You

Think, Work And Live

Learn and apply strategies to unlock brain potential using science-backed programs. From adolescents to professionals, warriors to teachers, people with social skills challenges to those with brain performance concerns — anyone can take their brain performance to a new level.
Center for BrainHealth researchers and other teams have developed and tested our proprietary methodology, Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART™) Brain Training, for over three decades, providing strategies that serve as the building blocks of our brain training programs for groups, organizations and individuals.

SMART: Brain Training Grounded in Science

Enhance focus, strategic thinking and productivity using our proprietary SMART strategies. Clinical trials show this set of techniques to be effective in strengthening the brain’s frontal networks – regions that support attention, planning, judgment and emotional management.
The Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Tactics (SMART) methodology provides the building blocks of our brain training programs for individual and group needs.
In this video, deputy director of programs Jennifer Zientz shares an overview of SMART.

Become a BrainHealthy Workplace

Empower your team with better brain performance. Agile brains are critical for productivity, innovation and collaboration. Learn to leverage science-backed cognitive strategies.
Enhance recruitment and increase engagement with BrainHealthy Workplace – the employee benefit that offers lifelong rewards.
In this video, clinician Jill Hill describes how to give your brain meaningful breaks that allow you to recharge throughout the day and improve performance at work.

Incremental Change Produces Significant Returns

YOU are in charge of your OWN neural pharmacy. That is powerful. Spend as much time on your brain as you do on your teeth and see what happens. Start your journey to stay brain-healthy longer to improve how you think, work and live.
Stephen White Chief Operating Officer
In this video, COO Stephen White talks to the Texas Society of CPAs about the myriad benefits of continual, incremental improvement in brain health and performance.

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