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Engaged in Living: Personal Stories of Alzheimer’s

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Learn from the True Experts: Those Living with a Diagnosis

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s certainly changes life. But you can continue to contribute to your family and community. Focusing on the brain's strengths rather than deficits empowers you to improve quality of life with purpose. Learn from interviews with the true experts – families living with a recent diagnosis. In this series, participants from our Alzheimer's Discovery Program tell their stories. Each one is unique and provides a personal point of view for how to manage change and move forward.
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Join AWARE in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

AWARE supports nonprofit programs, projects and research on the front lines of Alzheimer’s, working to actively help Dallas and surrounding North Texas communities.
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Personal Stories of Alzheimer’s: Told by Discovery Program Participants

Hundreds of families have participated in Alzheimer’s Discovery™ over the last 20 years. Our approach is unique because we …
  • Target families soon after a diagnosis
  • Focus on potential rather than loss
  • Communicate strategies that enhance quality of life
  • Care for both the diagnosed and the care partner
  • Discuss challenges in terms of brain health
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The Engaged in Living video series was made possible by AWARE

Assistant director of strengths-based programs Audette Rackley introduces the video series with insights from participants about ways in which the program has transformed their lives.

Alzheimer's Discovery Program

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We are here to help families with a diagnosis or individuals who have noticed changes in themselves or a loved one.  Our goal is to help families realize continued potential and enjoyment of life while they forge a positive path in the midst of a diagnosis – by pushing pause, setting a plan and then moving forward with intention.
Alzheimer's Discovery is moving online to reach more families. We expect our program to be available again. Please fill out the form below to be contacted when more details or other related information is available.
The Center for BrainHealth® is a research center focused on cognitive neuroscience. We are not medical, and our events, programs and content should not be construed as offering medical advice. For medical issues, please contact your doctor.